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NeoTextureEdit is an open source (GNU LGPL v. 3) easy to use graph-based procedural seamless texture editor. Using continuous basis functions it can generate arbitrary resolution images without quality degradation. Its main purpose is to produce high quality textures for real time rendering applications that can be stored in a few kB and synthesized on application startup. But it can also be used to generate off-line images.


NeoTextureEdit is a cross-platform application that runs on Windows, Linux and MacOSX.


screenshot Through the use of a few procedural base patterns like Perlin Noise or Brick Pattern and filter nodes data flow graphs are constructed that can create highly detailed textures.

This graph-based representation of a texture is resolution independent and allows to create high-quality textures for different target architectures from the same source material (the texture graph). The graph is also very small in size (usually at most a few kilobytes).

With a procedural texture description it is also possible to create infinite variations of a given base texture by modifying or randomizing only a few parameters.

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